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Corning life sciences provides high quality, innovative products for life science applications enabling people around the world to make and deliver life changing discoveries. World’s leading innovators in materials science. New Corning Valor® Glass is a revolutionary technology that better protects drugs than the industry standard glass. And drugs protect lives.

“Included in Corning Life Sciences’ comprehensive portfolio of 3D cell culture products are extracellular matrices for encapsulating cells within an ideal 3D growth environment, specialized microplates that allow cells to self-assemble into suspension colonies, and a range of permeable supports that mimic 3D microenvironments for a diverse set of cell culture applications.”

If you’re involved in biopharmaceutical process development or manufacturing, you will want to check out Corning® single-use technology, a convenient alternative to rigid-walled containers for a variety of biopharmaceutical applications.


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