VWR Lab Supplies

Maple Scientific is proud to offer essential VWR lab supplies ready to support your production facility with reliable access to raw materials and essential VWR lab supplies.

A strong, vibrant research and development group is the lifeblood of all industries. So, whether you’re working in a university research lab or a medicinal chemistry department in a pharmaceutical company, VWR lab supplies products will guarantee purity of organic building blocks.

Centrifugation, Chemicals, Chromatography (R&D), Cold Storage, Electrochemistry, Life Science, Liquid Handling, Microscopy, Ovens & Incubators, Organic Synthesis at VWR, Safety, Spectrophotometers, Temperature Measurement & Thermometers, Titration Bioprocessing Solutions, Controlled Environment, Monitoring of Production Areas, Production Chemicals, Safety, VWR Returnable Container Advantage Program (ReCAP), Production Literature Protective Apparel, Cleanroom Gloves, Cleaning Systems, Detergents and Cleaners, Wipers, Production Supplies, Swabs, Labeling and Documentation, Environmental Monitoring, Mats and Flooring, Biosafety Cabinets, Compounding Pharmacies, Literature, Technical Articles.

VWR helps accelerate scientific innovation by providing educators, scientists, researchers, medical professionals and engineers the most effective and efficient solutions – products, equipment and services.


Our specialists are here to help you find the best product or part available for your application. Call or Email us and we will make sure you get the right product or part for the job.

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