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Class 1 Alloy 8 Precision Analytical Weights

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These weights are manufactured Troemner Alloy 8 Stainless Steel, which was developed by Troemner and is available exclusively through Troemner. This unique material possesses low magnetic susceptibility, uniform consistency and high resistance to corrosion. It is the finest grade of stainless steel available and is similar to material originally specified in the manufacture of state primary standards.

Weight specifications are designed so the specifications on surface finish, markings, construction, material density and magnetic properties get more restrictive as the weight tolerances get smaller in order to enable the weight to maintain its tolerance over time. These weights are designed for your most demanding weighing applications.

Weights 500 mg and lower are made of sheet metal and are one-piece construction with one side turned up to make them easy to handle with forceps. Depending on the class, these weights may or may not be marked with their nominal value.

Troemner Calibration Weights 1 g and larger consist of a body and a lifting knob. The lifting knob is specifically designed for use with forceps, tweezers or some other lifting device. Weight bottoms are slightly recessed to expose the smallest possible area to wear. Each weight (except Class 0 weights) is marked with its nominal value.

Troemner Calibration Weights are available in either one-piece or two-piece construction. One-piece construction indicates the weight is manufactured from a single uniform piece of raw material, the weight has no other material added to it, and it has no method of adjustment other than removing material by grinding or polishing. One-piece weights are difficult to manufacture as the only method of final adjustment is removing material by polishing. Two-piece construction means the weight is made of multiple pieces of raw material. Sheet metal weights 500 mg and below are always one-piece construction.

Troemner Class 1 weights are produced from two pieces of material. The body of the weight is one piece and the knob of the weight is the second piece. The knob has a thread that screws into the body and is tightened. There is a cavity below the knob thread in the body which contains adjusting material, typically the same material from which the weight is made. Weights 500 mg and below are made of sheet metal and are one-piece construction with one side turned up to make them easy to handle with forceps. Corners and edges are smooth. The nominal value of each weight is etched or stamped on the top surface of the weight and their shape is square.

All surfaces are polished to a perfect, mirror-like finish and conform to specifications in ANSI/ASTM E617.

Class 1 weights can be used to calibrate certain Class I and Class II balances and scales as specified in OIML R 76. Class 1 weights can also be used to calibrate Class 2 weights.

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