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Scienceware® Closed Lead Rings

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For stabilizing Erlenmeyer flasks immersed in water

  • Easy-to-locate red color
  • Vinyl coating protects glassware
  • Helps prevent chemical spills

These chemically-resistant vinyl-coated lead rings are designed to stabilize single flasks in water baths and on bench tops. Simply slip the ring over the neck of Erlenmeyer, volumetric and other commonly used straight-necked flasks. The closed ring fits over the flask and seats against the shoulder. Available in four sizes.


Part No. Weight (lbs.) i.d. mm Fits Flasks
9868A35 0.5 43 125-500 mL
9868A37 1.0 51 250-1000 mL
9868A39 1.5 56 500-2000 mL
9868A41 2.0 71 1000-4000 mL
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