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Elix® Reference 5 Water Purification System ZRX0005

    This Elix® Reference 5 produces consistently high quality Type 2 pure water at low and predictable running costs. This system produces up to 100 L of purified water per day at 5 L/h.
    Product Information
    - Feed Water Nature: Potable Tap Water
    - Flow Rate: 5L/h
    - Product Water Volume: 100L/day
    - Technology: Reverse Osmosis, EDI
    - Water Quality: Type 2
    - System Recovery (%): 19.3
    Water Quality
    - Product Water Conductivity:
    - Flow Rate: 5 L/h
    - Product Water Resistivity: > 5 MegOhm-cm
    - Product Water TOC:
    - Voltage: 100-230 V/50-60 Hz
    The Elix® Reference system includes a modular, easily adaptable solution that can be bench integrated or wall-installed to fit the needs of today's laboratories. All necessary information for daily, such as water quality and system stays is visible on the unit's graphic display. The system combines Millipore's state-of-the-art Elix® electrodeionization technology with the best purification technologies - Progard pretreatment cartridge, advanced reverse osmosis and optional 254 nm UV Lamps.
    - Depth: 48.4 cm (19")
    - Height: 50 cm(19.7")
    - Width: 33.2 cm(13.07")
    - Operating Weight: 21 lbs (47 kg)
    Different Options available - check the brochure, select the options and accessories you require and contact us for competitive pricing.

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