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Millipore MilliQ® IQ 7000 Water Purification System ZIQ7000T0

    Millipore ZIQ7000T0

    The Milli-Q® IQ 7000 has been designed in a compact, ergonomic and intelligent way to deliver high quality ultrapure water. The system features two separate and distinct components: Milli-Q® production unit offers flexible installation and a more simplified maintenance. The new Q-POD®, Quality-Point-of-Delivery, unit provides final polishing adapted to application needs. Its large touch screen allows for intuitive interaction and displays essential data for complete user reassurance. Up to four new Q-PODs can be with each production unit at different locations within the same laboratory.

    - Feed Water Nature: Pure Water
    - Product Water Instant Delivery Rate: Up To 2 L/min
    - Daily Product Water Usage: 1 L/day to 250 L/day
    - Product Water Resistivity:
         - Ultrapure Water: 18.2 MegOhm-cm
    - Product Water TOC: < 2 ppb (in the appropriate operating conditions, otherwise typically < 5 ppb)
    - Voltage: 100-240 V/50-60 Hz
    Different Options available - check the brochure, select the options and accessories you require and contact us for competitive pricing


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