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WTW Benchtop meter inoLab® Oxi 7310 PN 1BA300

    •Application-relevant oxygen measurement by three selectable oxygen sensors
    •Precise measurements based on automatic air pressure compensation
    •Documentation of all data via USB interface or optional built-in printer - quick and error-free
    The inoLab® Oxi 7310 is the perfect benchtop meter with secure and convenient menu-controlled operation via a graphic display for the measurement of dissolved oxygen with the proven, galvanic oxygen sensors, the universal CellOx® 325, the self-stirring StirrOx® G for BOD measurements and DurOx® 325 for training purposes. With automatic documentation according to GLP/AQA, it supports the traceability - not only in the environmental lab. For this, the serial number of the sensor can be saved. On request also available with an optional built-in printer.

    Flexible and high performance:
    •Measures partial pressure, concentration and saturation
    •Built-in salinity correction to measure samples with salt content
    •Memory for large measuring series

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